The Best Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale for Families

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Florida is an amazing place to vacation but some people prefer to live there full-time. Fort Lauderdale is one of the most beautiful parts of this warm and sunny state. Let’s go over some of the best places to live in Fort Lauderdale for you and your family.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a historic neighborhood in the eastern part of the city. There are around 10,000 residents and although it may be a historic neighborhood, it has many modern amenities. Victoria Park is immersed with trendy boutiques, families of all shapes and sizes, and beautiful buildings and streets.

Although many of the homes are a representation of old Florida, many families enjoy living here. Some of the areas are more luxurious than others. Rentals in this area are among the national average while homes are a little more expensive. However, the location is what you are paying for. A mile from Fort Lauderdale beach with parks and palms around every corner. Additionally, the local public schools in this area rank above the national average and outdoor activities are abundant.

Victoria Park has a very large LGBTQ-plus community which offers many potential residents a haven of diversity and culture. Victoria Park is located right outside of downtown Fort Lauderdale so you get a combination of urban and suburban living. Victoria Park offers the benefit of a quick walk to the beach or shopping districts.

Colee Hammock

Another beautiful community in Fort Lauderdale is Colee Hammock. This is another historical neighborhood that is dotted with updated historical buildings. Colee Hammock is not far from Victoria Park and has many similar features. It is very close to the beach which is great for single families and the schools are exceptional.

There are plenty of activities for families and a plethora of attractions. Las Olas Beach is just a stone’s throw away. After the beach check out the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. The historic lands were purchased in 1895 by Hugh Taylor Birch for his daughter. After her death, the house was left to her husband. He had remarried a woman called Evelyn Bartlett and she had a love of monkeys. She brought 30 to 40 monkeys to live in the trees on the estate. Fort Lauderdale‘s first theater, the Island Theater, is also on the estate grounds.

As Fort Lauderdale is a pretty tight-knit area, a lot of these neighborhoods blend right into one another. Most folks come here for one thing – there are about 23 miles of beach and that’s probably enough to satisfy any family.

Las Olas Isles

If you are an avid fisherman or boater and have the extra funds, Las Olas Isles would be your sanctuary. Some of the most stunning homes in Florida are located in Los Olas Isles. The houses aren’t the only thing stunning about this area. The neighborhood has waterways between each section of homes. It is very similar to Venice, Italy in that way. Most homes here have a dock with ocean access. There are other isles in the area as well. Northern neighborhoods consist of the Navarro Isle and Seven Isles. The Riviera Isles is to the south.

As this area is a desirable area to live in and visit, there are bars, restaurants, and shops to explore along the way. Similarly to other schools in Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Isles schools rank higher than the national average. There are also several private schools nearby that rank just as well.

If you consider yourself a fan of warmer weather, Fort Lauderdale is a great choice when considering relocating. Many folks see lounging out on the beach with their toes in the sand as their true happy place. If you’re researching Fort Lauderdale real estate, these three neighborhoods will most certainly appear in your research. There are several other quaint neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale that offer similar amenities to these neighborhoods. You may not settle on one of these three options, but this would give you a great foundation to start.