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Some examples of popular art styles in Amsterdam are contemporary art, street art and of course every tourist’s favourite, the baroque art style used by some of the most famous Dutch artists. If you’ve grown a bit tired of the same old Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh paintings, you might be interested in visiting Moco museum. There you will find some more recent paintings, sculptures and other artwork by proven artists. If you’re interested in seeing some modern art, some contemporary art or even some street art Amsterdam, Moco museum is definitely the way to go.

Moco museum Amsterdam

Moco museum features a diverse range of modern and contemporary artists, each with their own unique style. These artists include big names like Basquiat and Kusama, but also lesser known artists who are equally talented. Those lesser known artists include THE KID, a young upcoming artist with a spectacular, unique vision. With all these different artists from different eras, you’re bound to find something you absolutely love. From environmentally aware fashion to political statements on a huge canvas, you’ll find it all in Moco Museum. Perhaps you will even find your new favourite artist or artists there.

Keeping up with Moco museum

Do you want to know about all the news, new exhibits and activity going on at Moco museum? Then keep yourself updated on all the excitement by checking out the official Moco museum website. Here you can find all the dates for ongoing and upcoming exhibitions, information on featured artists and you can read Moco stories. These stories can range from interviews with featured artists to “20 female artists to know in 2020”. Read about any and all new artworks, interesting articles about all things art-related and handy tips on being more environmentally aware. So, are you interested in visiting or keeping up with Moco museum, but can’t personally go there right now? Check out the website for everything you need to know about Moco museum!

Become a Moco member

You can become a Moco member by clicking the link on the official Moco museum website. Moco members receive a free postcard, a free audiotour, 15% off at the Moco giftshop, 10% off at the Moco webshop, a 25% friends & family discount after their next visit, priority tickets for new exhibitions/events and priority on limited edition drops and giveaways. Now you must be asking yourself: “What’s the downside? Is it really expensive to become a Moco member?”. But the great thing about Moco memberships is that there is no downside. It is free to become a Moco member, so there’s no reason not to do it!